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General Information:

 The procedure is non-invasive, with no contact, no radiation and FDA 510(K) cleared.

 Disrobing: remove clothing and jewelry from the area to be scanned. Put on a gown that will be supplied.

 Inform your thermographer if you have any recent skin lesions on the area to be scanned because the inflammation may cause false test.

 Thermography is performed by a certified clinical thermographer.


Patient Preparation:

On the day of your appointment, prior to screening, please:

Note:  Lactating women should wait until at least 3 months since last feeding.  

 Do not have physical therapy or electromyography.

 Do not use a tanning booth and avoid overexposure to the sun.

 Do not Shave your underarms or area to be scanned. 

 Do not use lotion, powder, makeup, or antiperspirant on the area to be scanned.

 Do not have acupuncture within 3 days of scan.


 Do not have a chiropractic adjustment within 24-hours prior to your scan.

 Wear loose-fitting clothes. 

 Hair needs to be off the neck. 

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